Friday, February 26, 2010

10-9, Radio?

It's been a funny night...well for the last two nights, at least. Being such a small department, the interaction between all of us leads to some hilarious moments.

I was asked last week over the radio for a 10-13, to which I jokingly replied, "Its raining", then proceeded to give the actual update. A few minutes later, the FTO came back on and said, " be advised, it's not raining on the south side of town". Last night, the detective on duty called me and asked if I would look for his coffee cup, that he holds so dear... after looking around the station unsuccessfully for about 10 minutes, I advised him of negative contact...

The Chief has been switching people around on their shifts again, the guy who's been working evenings is working hoots this week, and the guy who normally works hoots is working days. (they aren't enjoying it, :) )

We had a fire tonight, and crews were still on scene when I came on, which immediately following we had a 911 medical...normally when the Ambulance is running hot through town, I let whichever officers are on know...

That is, if I can remember their damn number... I keyed the mic and completely blanked who I was trying to talk to. "1 oh ........." I got off the radio and just laughed hysterically. The officer came back on checking radio traffic, so I was able to tell them then... but yeah really?