Saturday, February 13, 2010


Gotta a call last night from a man who has everything wrong with him from a staph infection to HIV... or so he said.

He was really unclear on his address, giving me one that didn't match the one that popped on my 911 screen, so I sent an officer over to verify the address.

They came back in and they said, "thanks for sending us over to such and such address". I'm like, why?

Apparently, this guy was packed and ready to go, he didn't even realize they were cops, he just walked out the door and was going to get into the

The officer just laughed and said the guy must have read a medical dictionary before they got there... I guess his symptoms must have increased from the time he called and the time someone got there.

Funny thing is, we got a call on him this morning from county after they picked him up for walking down the road carrying a rifle...

Friday, February 12, 2010

I work with a bunch of jokers....

These guys are about to see how much of a smartass I can

A couple of the restaurants in this town and the motel are all owned by people whose names are pretty much unpronounceable, unless you happen to have heard it or whatever... well they love giving me these 28s (tag/registration) and hear me try to pronounce the name over the radio...

I'm just a tiny bit tired of trying to figure out what the hell this name is and saying it over the radio...tonight they gave me an Asian name (no offense to Asians) but this was a name I wasn't even going to attempt.

I paused for a minute, then came back to give my return normally except for this part..."Comes back to an unpronounceable name, do you want me to print and hold?"

There was a pause on the other side, then I hear them laugh and say, "Negative, headquarters".

Jerks :) lol

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well back to work, power has been back on since 10 am monday - with a few glitches. It was out for about 4 hrs today, I was in class but I still got about 5 texts asking if I knew why... Really? Lol Im not even in town and they still think I know.

The new guys have started this week, I think they're going to be pretty cool. Its funny, we hired the Jolly Green Giants two younger brothers. I walked in Monday morning from the back and was face to hip with them. Maybe a slight exaggeration, Im not that short lol.

But, they're nice and are good cops, which is what counts. Ive been busy tonight, just with traffic, the phone has been blessedly quiet thank god. Im so tired of answering the damn phone after last week lol.

The handheld has disappeared somewhere during the chaos, so now Im sneaking smoke breaks when I think they arent going to yell over the radio. Luckily the backdoor is about 20 ft from the office so I can - and there's no generator noise! Sucks for bathroom breaks tho.. Anh, didnt need one anyway. Watching Dog the bounty hunter, as is the ritual on Weds nights lol, this show just makes me laugh - alot.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sitting at the orthodontists office...hoping I can get out of here in time to go take a math class. Im on days off, but I pretty much died yesterday around 3pm, so Im catching up while I wait.
We hired two new officers yesterday, I think they'll be a good fit. Lol it will at least bring things closer to normal. Power was fully restored at around 10 am yesterday, Im pretty sure everyone in the building wanted to dance a jig or throw a party.
Got some more news last night, well Sunday night anyway. Generally in the past it hasn't been SOP to give a time at the end of a transmission. I dont know why, just havent. Well, Chief wants us to do so now, which is no big deal, except most of the cops dont like it. The officer I work with the most hates it in fact and was basically telling me NOT to do that with him... Tough shit, Im not going to get in trouble just because he doesnt like it. Maybe him getting a playmate will make him get over it lol. I know it will be easier on him, the 2nd shift guy that normally works over is a dick and doesnt do shit.

Life in a police department is way too dramatic sometimes lol

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dun dun dun..! We still have no substantial power source in town yet. We have partial power due to pulling our substations into the main line of a neighboring city. The north end of town has power, the south end, not so much.

People are beginning wonder if we'll be in the dark. Our generator is still plugging along, Im watching Shattered atm..very crazy movie. Im still not sure what the point of it is. Im also trying to finish two papers due tomorrow, my head is just not in the game at all.

Havent had much tonight, just people wondering about their electricity. Not new at all lol...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Its slowed down considerably, we're watching some weird ass movie one of the cops brought in... I guess this is why I love wrking in a small town..

They have figured out something with the power, parts of the town have it, some dont. The calls arent quite as pissy as they were earlier, however they are still just as moronic.

Had a 911 tonight, wanted to know what time it was... Yeah *click* Yesterday, a lady called complaining that she had came by and paid her electric bill, but when she got home her TV wouldnt work. It took way too long to explain to her that no one in the damn town had power... I love that people think we're the same as time and temperature, calling asking what time is it, whats the temperature tonight...

I give up.