Monday, April 30, 2012

Being A Good Soldier

I suppose when one works in Emergency Services or Law Enforcement Communications, schedule changes and switcharoos shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. I've always prided myself in being easy-going and flexible, however the changes that occurred last week almost pushed me over the edge. Even as I write that last line I laugh, mostly because it was mostly me being cranky and being subject to changes that weren't my own idea. I do have a little problem with cooperativeness, (just see my quarterly evaluation ;)). To say that my apple cart has been upset is putting it mildly...but I'm being a good little soldier and making the best of an irritating situation. I came back from vacation to find myself placed on a new shift with new hours and new partners. I've been a morning/night/hoot shift dispatcher since I started this adventure 3 years ago and moving to 1500-2300 has been a little bit of a challenge. Of course there's all kinds of backstory that is unique to every department, I may or may not have been replaced on my shift with dispatchers who shouldn't be dispatching...just saying! I'm making the most of my new shift, enjoying the propensity for ridiculousness that occurs :)