Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's been an interesting week, but I've discovered something.

I seriously need some advice :) I'm not sure whether this is typical or not, but working within a small department had created relationship which is much like therapist-patient, more often then not, certain officers will find their way into my office between calls in order to sit and talk. I understand that the majority of our conversations are decompression about what's been going on, general gripe sessions (even we aren't perfect :) ), or brainstorming and educational.

Lately, however, there's been a more personal note to these conversations. Relationship issues, personal history and heartbreak. I've learned more about each of these officers in the last two months than ever before and frankly it scares me.

One in particular is single and I've fought a crush on him for at least a year and just when I think I've managed to eliminate it completely and be friends, it's back. I've admitted in past writings that I tend to psycho-analyze people unintentionally, but it's a mechanism that has helped me work with varied personalities and quirks and it's served me well.

I fall into that trap of believing myself to be slightly different than most girls, I'm tomboyish, date rarely, and repeat conversations less. I've always preferred to work with guys believing them to be less dramatic than women, a generally true statement. In this job, there are so many type A personalities, myself included, that it can be a delicate balance between friendship and competition.

I just wonder if this is normal, yes familiarity can breed contempt, but can it also breed attraction? I'm just slightly confused at the moment ;). (nothing new)

Well, onto to happier topics, it's been a nice steady week. I'm happy to be at work, more so than being out in real life haha... I had another dress consult for my friend's wedding yesterday. One of the other bridesmaid's rode along to try on dresses that we had previously picked out. We're riding along, and she's rambling in the front seat. I'm sitting there thinking to myself, "I talk to morons like her on the phone, I never dreamed I'd be stuck in a damn car for 2 hours with one"

Yay me... peace out folks,

your feedback on the above issue is appreciated :)