Friday, April 23, 2010

Its been a week :). Tonight is prom and the chief is pulling in some of the reserves to work over. I really hope all the crazy dumb-ass highschoolers stay home and drink instead of going out and doing stupid things. Speaking of stupid things, my dumbass little brother had a wreck monday night and totaled the vehicle. He's severely lucky to be alive thats for sure, he walked away with only a minor wrist fracture and a seperated shoulder. But the vehicle is toasted. Again, very very lucky. Im just glad I wasnt at work when this happened.
Im sitting in class, waiting for the last slow person to hurry up so I can take the teacher evaluations to the department office. Im not sure why I volunteered, but I think they were relieved that I did. It's finals week and this is the last one of the spring ... Im so freaking happy I dont have to be back at this place til August! Im looking into some different software for the department, we are not on a CAD system simply due to the small nature of our force and call volume. Everything Ive seen looks like a major headache, I know there are a few like occupation who read this drivel, so if you would be so kind as to give some feedback, negative or positive doesn't matter. I would appreciate anything that's said. There's like 5 of us in here and they have 10 freaking minutes...really? How hard is comparing Machiavellian politics to those of the classical greek and mediviel times? Yeah its actually a pain...did I mention Im glad to be done?
If idiots grew on trees, this would be an enchanted forest!
Thanks to a cousin who dispatches for County for this..