Friday, October 1, 2010

Well, here I am, back again. I managed to weasel a day off after working 14 straight, it's been kind of a personnel nightmare around here for the last three weeks.

But at the same time, there has been no end of funny moments. It's gotten to be common knowledge that the hoot shift is pretty much in a world of their own, especially concerning radio traffic. It's all FCC approved, but far from being typical police chatter.

I was advised yesterday morning that both of my units would be out of their cars, "pig wrangling". A few minutes later, I was advised of a foot pursuit SB on 8th, which was terminated shortly thereafter.

I had to get my laughter under control before being able to answer the radio. We've also been having problems with the schools not securing their buildings, which consequently are being broken into, which they blame on us. So, my guys have decided to check every door on every building every other night, hoping for an open door so we can wake up the superintendent and show him that we're doing our jobs. And last night was no different, they found several doors open and we dutifully notified the man in charge. He wasn't happy at all and let me know all about it. So, being the good dispatcher I am, I advised my units that contact was made, key holder was enroute and he was not thrilled.

30 minutes later they go 10-8 and one lets me know, "you were right".

It's nice to be on this shift, there's no admin to worry about whether you're doing your job, the stats can speak for themselves. And believe me, we've made a killing this week, five arrests in two nights all without a single call. It's been nice to be able to kill three or four hours without dispatching into an unknown situation.