Thursday, March 22, 2012

To Act...or Not to Act

Probably a Dispatcher's worst nightmare.
Citizen calls and reports an officer in trouble.

You know where he is, you know someone is close, but it still doesn't keep your heart from plummenting to your toes.

But thankfully, this is not one of those which ends badly, everyone will go home at the end of shift, and in one piece.

Thank you public for doing the right thing this time. If only there were more who would act instead of turning a blind eye.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Has anyone ever tried to reason with an irrational pissed off person? I understand that generally in this business most people aren't really being rational to start with but, there's always that chance that they are at least in full control of their mental faculties.

My question is, how does one handle an individual who is not in full control mentally, i.e. dementia or Alzheimer's and try to explain to them that there's nothing we can do?

Had a dear old gentleman last night who posed just such a challenge. He's in his 70's, a Vietnam vet and has dementia. He was understandably irate, yet he wasn't capable of being allowed to do what he wanted. I had no answers for him and it broke my heart just a little. But, it also made me think, can I handle that part of being a police officer? Can I make those calls with full faith that I'm making the right decision? It's something to ponder for me definitely.

I'm heading into days off, everyone stay safe and keep up the good work!