Saturday, September 18, 2010

Well, let's see. This Friday has been uncannily like last Friday ... with one exception. As a dispatcher, I'm used to talking to people who are generally unhappy to say the least, and most of the time I just blow it off, gripe a little bit and move on.

Tonight, I actually got pretty much pissed off while dealing with a caller. Received a call per an ex bf who had taken his ex's cell phone. He wound up repeatedly calling the station, ranting because the officers hadn't arrested her for public intox.

He kept ranting that the only reason she hadn't been arrested was because she was a female, had a p***, was a whore and traded sexual favors. In total I probably talked to him 7-8 times, trying to convince him to speak with an officer (which he probably would have been arrested because he had been drinking substantially as well. He started ranting again and maybe I shouldn't have, but I interrupted him because I'd had enough.

I told him in no uncertain terms that I was trying to help him, he had no business talking to me that way, and that he was offending me. lol

Surprisingly, he stopped and apologized. Granted, he was still being a royal ass but he stopped talking to me like I was his freaking whore or something.

He pretty much lied to me the entire time I was on the phone with him and didn't help his cause whatsoever, so who knows what will become of it all.


Oh well, tonight was also home game night, so I got to put on my monkey suit and go play for a couple of hours. It was fun, I've been giving the Chief a hard time about getting one of our more "reserved" reserves into some trouble and I at least succeeded in getting him more active and involved with dealing with people tonight, so it was fun.

I'm working a 12 today because I really don't feel like getting back in uniform and working traffic later this morning after I get out of dispatch, so my relief is going to go play traffic cop and I'm just going to kick back in my chair :)