Friday, May 21, 2010

I really didn't mean that whole "I'm bored" thing, can I take it back now? Please? never fails that when I least expect the fit to hit the shan it does.

I really hate having to call people and wake them up to let them know their adult child who's driving their car has had a minor accident, is being arrested for DUID and they can pick the car up in the parking lot of the theater where it happened.

I hate it even worse when I know the people personally.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This week has nothing on last week :) For a small department, we manage to keep pretty busy, for a night shift, we manage to avoid being busy. Except this week.

My monday, which in the real world is wednesday, we had a total of 6 arrests, which lead over into severe weather. All good, except boneheads who kept checking their phones by calling 911. Then lightning struck some transformers, so people lost power and exactly why half the town is awake at 0300 I have no idea. Thursday was only slightly better, lightning struck both two more transformers but also a house. So, we dropped tones for the FD and they got it taken care of...
Friday, we started off with one of the local crazies who thought someone was in her house, then we moved to an issue with a motorist out at one of the highway junctions, then moved immediately into a disturbance with one of our other local hoodlums and ended nicely with a total bs call from a man who told us his ex-wife had taken his truck and their child. An hour later it is discovered they aren't divorced, so well, it's all a civil matter and there's nothing we can do about it.

Tonight, we had a stolen vehicle, missing persons, someone threatening to kill someone else, and a poor crazy old man who had a long haired, french man wearing a wetsuit in the back seat of his car.

I love my job :)