Friday, May 18, 2012


Have you ever worked with someone who has to have the last word? Or someone who has to interject themself into your conversation that you are having with someone else? Or perhaps has to tell the same story 25 times within an 8 hour period? I do. :) In a 25X25 room. Love this job!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


It continually fascinates me how we as dispatchers (and officers) tend to live in these parallel universes. We co-exist with the everyday public, celebrate birthdays, holidays and family milestones, same as everyone. However, once we put on our uniform or headset, the world shifts and our view becomes reset. Today is Mother's Day, a day where families all across the country celebrate the Matriarch of the family, some may be bound by blood, others by choice to these women who have shaped their lives, loved and cared for them. Today, I went to the Mother's Service at church then to my parents for dinner. My brother and I purchased the requisite cards and presents (mine was a 9 week old Labrador Puppy, because I was afraid she was getting empty nest syndrome) then changed clothes and was sitting behind a radio by 1500. Now here, barely an hour in, we've had multiple calls referencing custody, exchanges, and arguements. It's as though this is the parallel universe's way of celebrating, sad as it may be.