Thursday, July 29, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Today was ironic.

I was awake at 0530 and for some weird reason decided to hang out at the station til after 1300. Got a lot accomplished, although it just seems like it takes for freaking ever. I've morphed from strictly being a dispatcher to being one of the go to people around here.

I've gotten the ball rolling on upgrading our radios, mobile software, and security upgrades for the building. So, our crazy guy that we arrested again last week then disappeared after he was OR'd again..was arrested up in a county near the northeast border...we honestly thought he was probably dead in his house...


It's been a quiet night, I'm thankful. Got no sleep this afternoon and it pretty much sucks, but I'm glad to be back on our normal shift without the long hours. Saturday will be a long day, I've got to go try on bridesmaids dresses with my bride-to-be bestie and her other bridesmaids...oh yay.

I'm really not a girly girl, so trying on frilly dresses doesn't interest me in the least. But-- I'm a good friend :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Holy Mackerels, it's almost Friday!

Well, last night was fun :) foot pursuit ensued and ended with the apprehension of one juvenile...
Trippy times and hilarious to watch..well after they got back to the station.

It's been confirmed by a friend of mine who dispatches for the County that yes, I do sound like a little girl on the radio..should be fun when I'm on the street and actually have to arrest someone. Anyone listening might think the kids got a hold of the radio :) At least I don't sound like a man, right?

I went back to the gym yesterday morning after I got off and worked out for abt an hour and a half, I'm feeling pretty good, it just hurts when I laugh ab workout lol.