Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh Monday, How I wish you had been better.

All I can say is that these days better be few and never happen again. I'm generally on the receiving end of phone calls, but this afternoon I got to be the RP.

We've been dealing with the death of my grandmother since 2006, in a nutshell it was a surgery gone bad and ended up in a lawsuit.

Well, her husband, who at previous times has been referred to as my grandfather is completely unstable and a sorry excuse for a human being. He's basically one of the worst kind of people to have to deal with in law enforcement. He's a manipulator and a child abuser.

Mediation finally happened today and it wasn't pretty at all. he basically blew up and flew into an unprecedented rage. If I haven't mentioned it before, he has been EOD'd three times previously. Before they left the attorney's office in Texas, he had already threatened to kill my uncle and dad. The scary thing is, he has several loaded weapons in the vehicle with him. So my poor mother completely trips out and I walk in the door into the middle of it.

I had to call the PD where I work and have an officer come out to file a report, they also put out a BOLO for him. It ended well, they found him back in Tx and were able to cancel the bolo. Aaand, did I mention I decided to visit the cemetery?? Yeah, that probably wasn't the best thing ever. So I'm stressed out, tired from no nap, and emotionally exhausted.

But, hey, I'm glad to be back at work, making the Deputies work tonight, picking up our warrants :))


  1. Holy cow! That's jacked up... Cemetaries generally ain't fun to visit. Especially when it's the resting place of a loved one. I avoid them, don't care to stir up emotions. What's bolo stand for?

  2. Yeah, not a good day all the way around. A BOLO stands for Be On Look Out.