Sunday, May 9, 2010

You want us to do what?

Again, another round of stupid requests. It still amazes me the things that people think the Police Department can do. Yes, absolutely, I'll have an officer come make the other person living in your house let you in. Wait, nothing illegal is happening? Sorry, maybe you should have weighed all your options before moving him in with you...
You want to come pick up your son's stuff from when he was arrested? Sorry, talk to the property officer and don't call in the middle of the night thinking you can just "pick it up". Also, please don't call when you're intoxicated asking me to send another municipal's units to your location - twice. They've been advised and they've talked to you, so it's out of my hands. Also, while you're at it, please don't call and demand to speak with number so-and-so, then get pissy when I refuse to tell you who is on shift, it's really noneyabizness, if this was a true emergency you probably wouldn't give a flying rats ass. Nobody here gets paid enough to be your personal police officer.

It has been a hellacious week, so this is definitely a vent post. Sorry :)

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  1. Never say sorry, you have to vent or you will go crazy in this line of work!