Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have to say I love working the 3-11 shift. I had been complaining that I hadn't gotten any overtime lately because our scheduler had been giving it all to one dispatcher. Well, we sent him home again this evening with some medical issues, and then the fun began.

First call involved a weapon, the next involved a toddler wandering down the road wearing nothing but a diaper, and finally a medical call that was really strange. A 911 call with no one on the other side...all I could hear was a television in the background and some faint noises that sounded like either a moan or whimper.

Get 1st responders enroute and they call for PD because they can't get in the house and someone is calling for help inside.

It all ended well...although that was all within 2.5 hours. :)

Now to my actual shift...what do you call a verbal domestic when the parties involved are deaf?

That's been the running call of the night, we're back over there now for the second time in an hour. Throw in a civil custody dispute and it's a good night :)

Of course, if my guys knew I was enjoying this, I'd be outta luck!


  1. what do you call a verbal domestic when the parties involved are deaf?

    A domestic with wild gesturing?

  2. Hahaha, nice Scott!!

    Canis- after learning sigh language, and being around Deaf people, I have no answer except to say I wish I could have seen it!
    Sounds like a fun night though!!

  3. Random- I would have loved to see it myself. A deputy came out to translate and apparently he told him to keep it down, they were disturbing the neighborhood! Knowing him, I believe it!

  4. LOL, that's awesome! How may of your deputies can translate??

  5. Just the one that I know of, his sister I believe is deaf. We're lucky, we have two that are biligual and so that helps a great deal, as well.