Thursday, September 9, 2010

I have to say that Monday night was really a lot of fun. I'm glad none of the guys know about this blog, because they might be tempted to shoot me. I went and rode on the hoot shift, and as we were leaving the station I jokingly told my officer, "let's go get into some trouble..just kidding". Yeah I know, never say stuff like that because you will get into something.

Abt 15 minutes later we're dispatched to a SVA, turns out the guy is impaired and all that fun stuff. So, I received a crash course in DUI arrests and learned about the joys of having to wait in the ER while he's medically cleared.

After 2.5 hours of waiting and listening to his dumb ass complain that there needs to be a stop sign at the highway intersection (which there is) we finally get him to the county jail. At 415 we make it back to the station where we get to plow through the mess of paperwork which awaits us...finished up about 6 so I decided to cat out about 630 to get some sleep... this whole school thing really puts a cramp in my style for sure.

The point of this is, I think I'm addicted to being a cop. Don't mind the paperwork, don't mind the waiting, just enjoy being able to do something I find both enjoyable and worthwhile. Sorta like dispatching...have to say though, it's a letdown having to be stuck in here while the action is going on outside :)

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  1. Hehe, yeah but thats the price of being a dispatcher... Go for it though, be a cop!!!!

    You can do it!!