Tuesday, May 29, 2012


After a few years there's not much that surprises me anymore, or so I think. Yesterday had a couple of "firsts" for me in the way of Calls For Service. Elderly people are either my most or least favorite callers to talk to, mostly because they either already have all of the answers or know your boss, or they have no clue and are worried they are bothering you and are sweet as pie. Well, when you call me and tell me you've lost your bottom dentures and ask what we can do for you, I'll be honest, I'm at a total loss for words (a rarity). I felt bad for her, but there wasn't much we could do and we were also swamped at that moment with an MVA with injury and a power outage (people do call 911 because they have no electricity). The other was a regular BS caller asking if he could file a Missing Dog report. (I'm assuming these are similar to Missing Persons?) I politely told him that he could report the dog stolen, but not missing...let's local BOLO that one. "All receiving agencies, standby for a Missing Dog BOLO"....um no. :)

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  1. I actually did do a BOLF for some missing dogs once in one of the small towns I work for. Mostly because nothing else was going on, haha. Officers found the dogs, too. Ah, late nights in small towns. :)