Monday, June 18, 2012

Racial Profiling

I know Police Officers and Law Enforcement are accused of this frequently and the general citizenry are often quick to make the accusation. Well, in case they didn't realize it, the citizenry does this frequently. 911 call right at shift change as I'm getting ready to go to briefing and this older, very white lady tells me that a truck full of Hispanic males just stopped at a local steakhouse. (For the record, she didn't call them Hispanic Males). I decided to play dumb and asked her what she meant by the derogatory label that she used and she went on to call them "illegal aliens". I then asked her if she knew this for sure and she started accusing me of not wanting to do my job. Eventually, maybe in another world in the distant future, people won't be judged based on their race and by their character instead, whether white, black, hispanic, indian or asian. One can only hope.

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