Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chasing My Tail

Sorry for the delay in regular updates, I promise my time has been well spent. Or not. At this point I think my days are running together and I think today is Friday... It's like an adventure around here. Kinda like Third Watch meets Perils of Penelope or something like that. We've lost 3 people in the last two weeks and now are down to 5 fulltime dispatchers and with a department of 45 patrolmen, that's a little scarce. So my new adventure began Thursday night with us moving back to 12 hour shifts to avoid only 3 people working overtime (2 have refused, citing their god-like status as reason) (I assume lol) I'm now working with a patrol Sgt who is back on light duty after being injured in a fight. It's nice having someone in here who can answer a phone and handle the situation without us having to tie up an officer, so plus there. We have interview boards next week...any suggestions on what I need to look for? I've got my question set typed up focusing more on thought process than scenarios, but I'd appreciate the feedback :) hope everyone has a good weekend!

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