Saturday, April 10, 2010


I love working 12 hour shifts.. :) I got a call this morning around 11 that I would have to be back at 1900. I guess I was asleep when I answered the phone, so I had to call the Firefighter who was dispatching that morning and double check :)

So is my life...whiled away sleeping. So, did you know that persistence doesn't always get you the desired results? I fielded 7 total calls this morning from a lady who wanted us to get her keys out of her vehicle which she had locked.

We don't do that due to liability...which I told her...every time. She got smart and dialed the fire dept line (which I answer too). Finally, she decided to try and go over my head to the former Chief who is now a p/t officer/dispatcher. (Don't ask).
Sadly, he won't be back in until Monday.


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  1. Wow! Some people aren't the brightest. Police departments stopped doing that ages ago didn't they?