Friday, April 9, 2010

If there's one thing I hate about this job is the total bullshit calls...
'' 911, what's your emergency?''
'' There's no emergency, I've turned my motorcycle over and I can't get it back up''
''Did you turn the motorcycle over on yourself?''
''No, I just can't get it up by myself.''

Or this one,
''Police and Fire''
''Yeah, is Chief So and so, working tonight?''
''No, he's out for the week. What's the problem?''
In short, it had something to do with the auction of an item which apparently can break into any vehicle, if you've locked your keys inside. This was an issue of great consternation for this gentleman, so he called the police. Mind you, this took place in an entirely different town a few miles away. However, since our Chief used to work there, he apparently can still enforce law there. I'm not entirely sure what he was complaining about is illegal. So I left a memo for the Chief, ''see 909 for details''. :)

(and yes, the smiley face is on the message)

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