Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well, it's Monday for me, back in the chair behind the radio. Truthfully, this operation is on such a smaller scale than even the County Communications center that it makes me laugh sometimes.

We only run five agencies primarily and on occasion the state troopers or deputies will switch over if they're helping out locally. I've always been a fan of information, it didn't really matter if I was repeating it or not, I just like to know...some people call that nosiness :)

In a small town, the rumors definitely fly and somehow we manage to hear a large amount of them. Sometimes, the information is useful, mostly it's just simply for entertainment value.

I finally managed to wrangle a ride-along last Monday night, I can't really say if I'm relieved it was completely dead or if I'm slightly disappointed. :) Pretty sure the officer I rode with was glad it was quiet. He points to the console near his knee and says, switch for the shotgun is right here, chamber, safety off, pull the trigger. I just nod and smile.

It is summer, I'm (semi) anxiously awaiting the 4th of July and the ensuing cluster that will transpire. Our town hosts one of the largest fireworks displays in the Southern part of the state and all the crazies show up for it. Festivities start that morning and continue on until well after dark when the main event occurs.

We shall see how my trial by fire(works) goes...

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  1. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm sure you'll be fine. Glad you got to ride, even the quiet ones are educational.
    and thanks for your comment about fd! :)