Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boredom leads to inane stuff...

Stuff, I guess for a lack of a better word. I really can't believe I've actually been sucked into 16 and Pregnant--only briefly, I came to my senses very shortly.

Far be it from me to be judgmental, people can find themselves in crazy and difficult situations very quickly, as I see on a weekly basis, but some of this is just pathetic.

I've been officially 10-8 for a week now, and I'm still a little self conscious about actually being out in uniform. However, I'm learning some valuable lessons which will be very useful in dispatch. Information--properly disseminated and anything extra will greatly help the officer onscene. Of course, I know this, but now I know how vitally important is to have a clear picture when responding to a disturbance or domestic call.

I've been itching to get to respond to calls and I got my chance tonight. I'm pretty limited on when I can come ride since I work nights and the two days I'm off are the two slowest nights generally of the week. Occasionally they surprise us, but not often enough to mention :). I admit to being a horrible and habitual psycho-analyzer, something I do without even realizing it sometimes. But, when I'm in close proximity with people, such as the officers I work for/with, I tend to try and analyze them.

Yes, it's very similar, type A's with a few exceptions scattered among them, but 9 times out of 10, they are alpha males (or females). The officer I tend to ride with on the evening shift has a wide and varied background, even though he's only about five years older. I always enjoy riding with him because he actually performs the role of an FTO.

He'll ask what I know and quiz me on procedures to see if it's correct and if it's not, he'll show me the proper way. He went over the basic traffic stop, which is never the same and probably one of the dangerous, consistent duties an officer will perform. We actually tried a mock traffic stop in the parking lot of the PD and went over where to stand, what to look for, what to do in the event of a subject pulling a gun and where to go.
Very educational if I do say so.

It was an eventful evening and I'm glad to get the chance to see what it's like.

I should have skipped dinner, now I'm sleepy. Not a good thing...this makes me wish the phone would ring...then I would have to complain! :)

Peace out.

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