Monday, July 19, 2010

Today should be Friday for me, but alas, I had to open my big mouth and complain about overtime earlier in the month. And, apparently the 30 hours on my last check did not go I'm getting to have another 24 this week. Yay me.

it's been a slow week on the nights, however the 2nd shift has had their hands full, which is good for them, that means the weirdness hasn't happened to us :)

One complaint for the week however, apparently I don't know what I'm talking about when I tell a repeat caller that the police department is neither a wrecker or mechanic service. I'm pretty sure I know that none of our current vehicles have tow packages or hitches..even if they did we wouldn't be pulling your truck to the road so we can jump it off.

I'll be here all week, so stay tuned :)

Peace out.


  1. Nice!! People never get it. Have fun with your work time, I don't have days off for a little while since there's so much overtime here..
    Thanks for the kind words earlier, I appreciate that. :) Don't let the job get you down!

  2. I try not to... Mostly I just laugh and try not to get caught. :)