Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's getting personal

It's amazing to me how I've managed to keep from running into calls from people I know or people I know indirectly..until recently.

Received a call Saturday night/Sunday morning on a self-inflicted gunshot wound (to the leg)
I'm asking questions and find out that this gentleman actually works with my dad - ironically.

I transfer the call to county after I hang up, less than two minutes later he calls back. For some weird reason, I'm not able to transfer calls unless they come in on our 911 lines, which is a real pain which requires talking back and forth and making phone calls between the RP and whoever I'm transferring the call to. I'll be really glad when we get things fixed.

So in other news, I just spent 35 minutes on the phone with our local crazy, partly telling him that if he had just done what he was told the first time, he would have gotten to talk to an officer, then the next 20 minutes just talking... I had to convince I was who I was, he kept telling me that he knows all the dispatchers by voice, and I'm like I know, I've talked you many many times. Eh.. it's a losing battle and I had one of the officers call the other line just so I could get off the phone.

It was really funny, he's bipolar and just swings from aggressive to passive within seconds. Definitely one of my more memorable phone calls.


  1. crazy! I'm sure you hope that you never have to hear from someone you know.

  2. I think it's worse when you get a really good--read "juicy"!--call and you can't tell anyone because of privacy violations:(!