Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh my gosh..

Oh Wow!

This has been the night to remember! I came out about 1630 and rode til 2300, it all started about 2030 interrupting dinner and is still going.

Actually had fun though, I've gotten to play all the roles, police officer, dispatcher and jailer...although the last one wasn't so fun. Picked up a very intoxicated male who wasn't really sure who he was or what was going on, he was however very obnoxious :)

He had drank so much that he eventually revived and starting throwing up. This was in the middle of a stabbing call, and after a traffic stop involving someone methamphetamine :. Guess who got to don the latex gloves and pour bleach down the drain? So, we broke out the water hose and cleaned out the cell, I think I might have bleached the concrete...O_o

The Chief has been trying to convince me to move to evenings, and I've been trying to resist. He about had me convinced earlier, but after tonight its going to be really hard to leave midnights. I love that one night can make up for an entire boring month, granted the guys aren't too fond of it... but eh, it's good for them!

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  1. Amen! it's very good for them! I love to work all the night shifts. Sounds like you had quite the night...and maybe I'm just blonde, but is it really possible to bleach concrete?? If so, it was due to the drunk guy, he should have to pay to repair it. :)