Monday, May 21, 2012

There's nothing better than being able to sit down with a few of your closest fellow dispatchers (i.e. the ones you hang out with outside of work) or officers and reminisce about either the most bizarre calls, callers, and instances. I do complain ( a lot ), but I'm pretty blessed to have some of the best officers a department could have. True, sometimes they make me want to choke them and departmental politics gets everyone twisted up from time to time, but overall, they make this job fun. There's also a rare feature among them, several are former dispatchers. This department prefers to pull from dispatchers when hiring from patrol. Yes, you still have to pass the physical (pushups suck, by the way. They are by no means, perfect, but I've been around a lot of agencies and a lot of police officers, troopers and deputies. Let's say I have a unique group of people and I'm glad to call them friends.

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