Monday, June 4, 2012

Jurisdictional Issues?

I'm sure this is a common theme for agencies all over the country, that age old argument over whose problem is whose. And as I'm sure is also common, those who actually handle the day to day problems are the ones who work quite well with each other and have no real issues with the other agencies. I'm also aware that this is also not always the case, as training and procedures can also differ and there seem to be few people who keep the big picture in mind and go ahead and help anyways despite the fact that you may be dealing with the idiot from the next county over. I spent 6 minutes on the phone last shift talking the county ambulance service thru directions for a call that didn't even originate from our call center. (We handle 90-100 calls per shift depending on the weather and lunar phase, not counting those we have to transfer). My question is, when is enough enough? I used to work for this agency and I know how their training and procedures are and that's mostly why I don't work there anymore. When do you cut them off and transfer them to the originating agency because you have more than you can juggle yourself, knowing they will be dealing with people who are very close to incompetent? I find myself caring entirely too much, which isn't a bad thing necessarily, just tiresome. (:

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