Monday, June 4, 2012

Training and Experience

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time lately perusing thru training articles and the FEMA independent study website. In my mind, you can never be too prepared (and it alleviates some of the boredom). I'm such a firm believer in cross-training and establishing a strong working relationship, even when the parties involved may not exactly like each other. I know every agency stuggles with personality clashes, how do they handle them? Do they punish the slackers who refuse to work overtime, do they ignore the pot-stirrers? Here recently I've really wanted to pull my hair out, I feel that there are people who are capable of doing this job within the department, but I also KNOW that there are plenty who need to be removed before they kill someone. Officers are held to a standard of "training and experience" it's a staple within probable cause affidavits, as we all know. Yes, we are held to the same standard of liability, however, many times the training and safeguards are non-existent. I'm lucky now to work for an agency which does have a modicum of training and policy, it's lacking in comparison to that of a rookie officer, but it's better than all of the other agencies in the county.

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