Saturday, March 13, 2010


Holy Shit, it all done hit the fan this time :)

I want to go on record and say I've never done this before, and hopefully will never do it again.
Tractor fire, right? Easy, just page out the rural FD and its good - not by a long freaking shot.
They just went to this new phone paging system which takes like 10 minutes to complete, on top of paging out at the same time.

Well, first off, it's been a while since I've paged anyone but the main city fd, and we have to change channels to page the others. So, I page them out but I forget to leave it on that channel in case they need anything. So, I subsequently page them like 4 times total. Then I'm having to get directions and call the rp back since she failed to give them to me (and I failed to ask, dumbass that I am). So I have PD yelling on the radio, two lines ringing and some irate ffs...

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like something that I too have done...
    Don't worry, you will laugh about it later.