Saturday, February 13, 2010


Gotta a call last night from a man who has everything wrong with him from a staph infection to HIV... or so he said.

He was really unclear on his address, giving me one that didn't match the one that popped on my 911 screen, so I sent an officer over to verify the address.

They came back in and they said, "thanks for sending us over to such and such address". I'm like, why?

Apparently, this guy was packed and ready to go, he didn't even realize they were cops, he just walked out the door and was going to get into the

The officer just laughed and said the guy must have read a medical dictionary before they got there... I guess his symptoms must have increased from the time he called and the time someone got there.

Funny thing is, we got a call on him this morning from county after they picked him up for walking down the road carrying a rifle...

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