Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well back to work, power has been back on since 10 am monday - with a few glitches. It was out for about 4 hrs today, I was in class but I still got about 5 texts asking if I knew why... Really? Lol Im not even in town and they still think I know.

The new guys have started this week, I think they're going to be pretty cool. Its funny, we hired the Jolly Green Giants two younger brothers. I walked in Monday morning from the back and was face to hip with them. Maybe a slight exaggeration, Im not that short lol.

But, they're nice and are good cops, which is what counts. Ive been busy tonight, just with traffic, the phone has been blessedly quiet thank god. Im so tired of answering the damn phone after last week lol.

The handheld has disappeared somewhere during the chaos, so now Im sneaking smoke breaks when I think they arent going to yell over the radio. Luckily the backdoor is about 20 ft from the office so I can - and there's no generator noise! Sucks for bathroom breaks tho.. Anh, didnt need one anyway. Watching Dog the bounty hunter, as is the ritual on Weds nights lol, this show just makes me laugh - alot.

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