Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sitting at the orthodontists office...hoping I can get out of here in time to go take a math class. Im on days off, but I pretty much died yesterday around 3pm, so Im catching up while I wait.
We hired two new officers yesterday, I think they'll be a good fit. Lol it will at least bring things closer to normal. Power was fully restored at around 10 am yesterday, Im pretty sure everyone in the building wanted to dance a jig or throw a party.
Got some more news last night, well Sunday night anyway. Generally in the past it hasn't been SOP to give a time at the end of a transmission. I dont know why, just havent. Well, Chief wants us to do so now, which is no big deal, except most of the cops dont like it. The officer I work with the most hates it in fact and was basically telling me NOT to do that with him... Tough shit, Im not going to get in trouble just because he doesnt like it. Maybe him getting a playmate will make him get over it lol. I know it will be easier on him, the 2nd shift guy that normally works over is a dick and doesnt do shit.

Life in a police department is way too dramatic sometimes lol

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  1. If he doesn't want you to do it, you MUST do it...just to cheese him off. LOL