Thursday, February 4, 2010

Im attempting to blog frm my phone. We'll see how this works. If things look weird, Ill just be sure to keep them short and sweet, lol. Got some amazing news tonight, we had a situation which occured back in Oct with some of the officers, who were then placed on Adm leave. Well, it took them this long to finalize their findings, but they no longer work here. Thats kind of a relief. You know, lying on the stand, falsifying audio and written logs to make your case just isnt the best thing to do.

Anyway, we're here on day 7 w/out power, hopefully mine at my house will be up soon. Im on a diff provider than the city so one can hope. Ive been catching up on homework and eavesdropping lol these guys act like we dont hear a thing. Course, I hear ALOT but make sure I dont repeat anything... Im good that way lol.

Got to meet our lone female reserve tonight. She's very cool and hilarious ... and loud.

Im signing off here, hopefully this works

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