Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Holy Shit...

Sorry it's been a week since I've been on here, a lot of chaos has happened in the last week.
I'm currently sitting at school, since it's the only place I've been that has actual power. Last Thursday, an ice storm hit that wiped out power to several towns, including this town. As of today, we still have no power and aren't expecting them to be finished repairing our main feeder line until Friday.

It's been awesome. We've had no heat, hot water, cable, internet, or electricity, and I really need a shower lol. Thankfully, crime has been nil, so all of the cops have been put to work repairing, hauling extension cords, or checking generators. We have at the moment 4 huge generators running city hall, and they all have to be checked at least twice a night.

My days are all running together, I'm pretty sure today is wednesday, but I'm not really sure :). We didn't get heat up at the station until Sunday morning, let me tell you, I froze my ass off. It was so freaking cold in that building, I thought I was going to die. lol Obviously I didn't, although I did fall asleep Sunday night for about 45 minutes. Thankfully, the officer on shift was there and awake.

I've never fallen asleep before, but I had alreadly worked 12 hours on thursday, 9 on friday, 9 on saturday, and 16 on sunday, did I mention I had to work on my day off too? I'm not complaining, I'm just letting you know I'm completely hysterical from lack of sleep.

Did I mention cranky too? Lol I nearly relieved one officer of his life Monday, normally I'm used to him, but he pretty much drove me bananas, by 2000 Monday night, if he didn't leave soon, he was a dead man. (and I'm only half kidding)

We had an amazing time getting acclimated to the generators, (note: never put a GASOLINE can next to a DIESEL generator, it leads to complications of epic proportions)

The community has been amazing, the pissy ones are outweighed by the patient ones and it has been nice. I've fielded some amazing calls though, through this. My favorite so far has been the one asking about forced evacuations - on the 911 line.
"This is an emergency number only, call back on ***-****" *click*.
My next favorite involved a man who had fallen in his garage sometime during the night. His son calls me and asks for an ambulance and first responders. He then proceeds to ask me if I'm sending police over, since "it's a felony".


Yeah, complete moment of "WTF?" Turns out he thought his dad had been pushed and he assumed a crime had been committed.

Fun stuff...

We've played a lot of poker this last week...and some people are crappy losers :)
My brother is also in the middle of everything, he's an EMT and has had to work medical standby at the shelter in town. He worked there last night and was ready to go ahead and put some of the old folks out of their misery, lol.

Don't let him kid you, he's having a freaking blast. I am too, I just wish I had hot water lol.

This is all for now, hopefully I'll have an update on Friday when I make it back to class.

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