Saturday, February 6, 2010

Its very crowded in here tonight...

The electric dept is going to attempt to hook up generators to the substations and bring power back to the city. This presents a huge risk for fires all over town. We currently have 2 engines staged here, as well as an engine from a neighboring town. There are three other depts on standby as well... We've already had one fire tonight, someone was fueling their generator and overfilled it, it subsequently exploded and caught the garage on fire.

Now, we're just sitting here waiting, the natives are still restless, we've advised everyone to not overload their electrical, but we doubt they will listen. They didnt listen when we put out a water advisory that was fun.
I picked up a new copy of Guns and Ammo, so Im duly occupied.

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  1. Wow-za! People are dumb.! Not jealous of your job :P