Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm Being Ignored :)

God, I love cops... lol. I'm currently being ignored, which is better than being harassed, I guess. Today has been an interesting day, both at work and abroad. I'm slightly jealous and partly relieved ... and the minute I start writing this, the phone starts ringing. Thanks.

Okay, but now it's fun, because of all the bullshit calls. The bouncer at the local bar advised there was a possible fight in the parking lot ... oh wait, they're just talking. A lady wanted to see if her daughters car was home... it was, she just didn't want to talk to her mom.

It's great.

The day shift had some excitement today, definitely tragic though and not something I would want to happen on my shift. A man barricaded himself in a house, set it on fire then proceeded to shoot himself. Sad situation all the way around.

Anyway, one of my favorite things to do has been done, now I'm just being ignored.
You know this job is hard, especially when you kinda like one of the guys you work with, then when things go quiet you wonder what you did to make them do that.

Beyond that, no personal relationships at work!!

I'm working a 12 tonight and I won't get off work til 11 tomorrow morning. Which is okay with me, I like overtime (just in small amounts).

I'm having some trouble staying awake for some reason, maybe because I picked up Sprite instead of my usual Pepsi.. no caffeine will do that to you... Maybe I'll be breaking out the Redbull sooner than I thought.

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