Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Monday...

Or Wednesday, it all depends on what day of the week you go back to work, right? It's interesting, to call certain days of the week 'Friday' when in reality it's like - Thursday or something.

Good news, Dad's home from the hospital, no blockages revealed in the tests, so I'm very very very happy :)

Tonight will hopefully be a slow evening, we had enough excitement last week to last me till the end of the month. So, tonight is going to be a homework night - yay me. This paper is comparing Plato's ideas of morality in entertainment to the standards of today. I think there's gonna be a very large gap.

Had some storms come through earlier in the evening, I was afraid they would continue one into the morning. I was seriously praying the electricity would NOT go out, since this town has citizens who are not above calling 911 to inform me they have no electricity.

This office has about a half dozen lines not including the 911 lines, and every last freaking one will light up - and they all have the same complaint. It's hard to be sympathetic after the 80th call.

Sunday night was a little crazy, in the middle of a fire page out, my computer monitor died. Yeah d-i-e-d. I panicked just a teensy bit. Luckily, there was a computer in the pd that they didn't use, one of the officers brought it over and helped me pull the old one out and put the new one in. ( I say he helped, he did the whole damn thing).

Plato awaits, so no more facebooking or farmvilling :)

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  1. Glad your dad is ok.

    Wow, the topic of your paper...*yawn*...sounds so exciting! *double yawn*