Saturday, January 23, 2010


they didn't get the damn pig til this afternoon. I'm working back to back 12s, probably tomorrow too. Our 2nd shift dispatcher is sick, so we're splitting the day - I say splitting, I'm the only one who's worked 12s so far, but I'm not complaining, it's extra monies :)

You can tell I haven't been on the early shift in a while, I had to readjust to officers who run traffic. I did it again... lol except I'm like, "Clear, standby" or wait, he's running traffic not asking for a tag return. Shit.

I just sat there, he's used to me, thankfully.

I walk in tonight and the one officer who is really pretty much useless, starts mouthing off about other people finally working 12 hr shifts. I'm sitting there thinking, I'm not sure you even know what actually "working" a 12 even means.

I tell the guys everything about police work I learned from Law and Order and the like. Thank God for USA channel, lol I can keep up with all the good ones, like House, NCIS, Law and Order, and Burn Notice. The only one I miss watching is Bones, thats the only thing I miss about the 2nd shift, lol.

I'm eating a wonderfully healthy dinner of Lays Potato chips and Junior Mints. People should definitely combine the two.

It's never too early for drunks :)

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