Friday, January 22, 2010


Obviously, I'm either bored or things have actually happened that warrant a second entry this morning.

Well, I fulfilled two of my three favorite things :) I actually got to wake up the EMT on call and tick off the cop on duty.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes I don't think I'm ever happy - I complain because it's slow and I complain because it's busy. Either way, I'm really okay with the situation. When it's slow, homework gets done and people get annoyed (by me).

In the last two days, I have written a three page paper over Plato and censorship, read all of my required reading, which included Plato's critique of democracy and Federalist #10.

However, I did something tonight I've never done before - called an officer by the wrong number.. oops.

I'm pretty good with keeping up with who is who, until the last two weeks. A lot of the day shift has been coming in at three or staying til three because of shortages on the graveyard shift. So, I'm dispatching officers I've never dispatched before, hence the mistake.

Sad thing is, I almost did it twice in one transmission.. lol

"Return 108... I mean 10... uh 6, yeah it was greeat!

I finally broke open the Redbull tonight, (I brought it wednesday when I only had two and a half hours of sleep). There are still many things which I wonder about, one of them being bathroom breaks. Yes, I know dispatchers don't get many of them, I average about one per night.. maybe.

We recently acquired in the office this nifty little handheld radio. However, whether I can operate it has yet to tested.. I've wondered about how to let them know I'm not going to be immediately with pen and paper for tag numbers... "Uh, such and such, I'm gonna be 10-6 on the handheld" ... Five minutes later "I'm back".

lol I don't tell them and they don't ask. Normally if there's an officer in the station I tell him I'm running away - their reply "Don't be gone too long".

Yeah, that's total excitement in a nutshell.

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